Greys Anatomy - Callie (smile mean it)

Things are looking up...

I've been offered a job! It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination as it's about an hour's commute and it's only a 9 month contract, but the money is good and it would tide me over until I find something closer and permanent.

I've kinda accepted it, but they know I have another couple of interviews to go to so they're getting references before they send out the contract.

I have an interview tomorrow morning but for somewhere equally far from my house. More exciting is an interview I have on Monday for a role that's in a brilliant location, but again it's a contract role and only for 3-6 months. There is a possibility of going permanent at the end of the contract but it's not guaranteed which means I could be in the same situation I am now in 3-6 months if I got the job. Again though, the money is excellent as contracting work pays more than permanent.

Whatever way I go, I have a job to go to if I want it and I can keep looking as my current job doesn't officially end until May 7th. I'll get my final pay from them plus the redundancy money (which will go straight into my savings and be around £2000!) at the end of April.

I want the closer job because, well, it's closer :P A LOT closer :P It is, in fact, around the corner from my old company to which the journey was blooming marvelous! So I'm crossing my fingers that I get offered that and we'll take it from there :D

I've still got more opportunities landing in my inbox and people have actually phoned me this morning asking if I want to interview for the job that they turned me down for, so they've obviously not hired anyone for that yet lol Maybe they'll interview a butt load of people and realise I was the best they were gonna get ;D
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L Word - Helena (Is this God?)

Feeling better...

I'm feeling a lot better than yesterday. My phone has rung a lot today and I've got three interviews arranged over the next four days. Two are a little far out but would be OK as a stopgap, but the one on Monday is really close to home, a good journey and the agent seems to think I've got a good chance of getting it.

It's a contract role, which I've never done before, but there's a good chance it would go permanent at the end of the contract. Also, contracting work tends to pay better as well.

So hope is not all lost :) Think good thoughts for me over the next week or so :D
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LOST - Locke poopie


I didn't get the job. They liked me, but went with someone with more experience.

Bollocks bastard wank.


So I'm being made redundant and don't have a job to go to. I've got an interview on Friday but the company is miles away. I will try to be enthusiastic about it. I've had some calls from agents today about possible interviews but nothing solid yet and nothing nearly as good as the role I didn't get.

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LOST - Locke work sucks

Halfway to A or halfway to D

Well, we're halfway thrugh option a, I am redundant from my current job as of May 6th. I should hear about the job I want by the end of the day.

Commence the good thoughts.

Failing that, I've had a few calls this morning about more possible interviews but it's all still very uncertain.

I'm desperately trying to remain positive and upbeat about everything.

It's hard.
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LOST - Locke work sucks

*good thoughts*


I need you all to think really good thoughts for me. Reeeeeeally good thoughts. I had an interview this morning for a company I really want to work for. It's a design agency and they're really good. Reeeeeeally good. It would be a good salary and a role I think I'd really enjoy. And hopefully be good at.

I think they liked me. It seemed to go well and there was lots of smiling and positivity. They've got more people to see but I should hear either way by the end of the week.

Tomorrow I have a meeting at my current company where I'll find out if I'm being made redundant.

The best thing that can happen here is that I get made redundant, get a big payout and then get this new job. Win:Win.

The second best thing that can happen is that I get this new job and my current company decide they won't make me redundant yet, so I'll just leave on my own accord.

The third best thing that can happen is that I don't get this new job but I get to keep my current job for a while, giving me more time to look for a new job.

The worst thing that can happen is that I don't get this new job and I get made redundant tomorrow.

Pray for option one people. I need all the help I can get and I really wanna be able to stop using this icon...
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(no subject)

Tomorrow morning I find out if I have a job.

Tomorrow afternoon I have an interview :) Hopefully I'll have another interview within a week as well.

Cross your fingers everyone :D Thanks for the good thoughts so far!
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LOST - Locke work sucks

Still getting paid... just

I still have a job... for now. There will be another meeting next Wednesday to decide how we move forward. I'm job hunting furiously.

Wish me luck guys.

I'm feeling slightly less shit but this is still a crappy situation.
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LOST - Locke work sucks


I might be getting made redundant. It's actually quite likely. I'll find out on Thursday.

I'm feeling sick, in denial and... happy? Don't get me wrong, I need a job. I need to pay my bills. But I hate that place. Hate it so much that the idea of being told to take some amount of money (hopefully enough to make it until I find a new job) is actually... good?

It's not a definite but it's likely.

I'm scared.

However, I did get a call today while I was on lunch from an employment agency telling me about a role that I was interested in and I'd already told her I was interested before I found out about my possible redundancy. Therefore I'd already been put forward for it. I'm desperately hoping I get an interview for it now because it seems I'm going to need a job. Very soon.

I'm looking at this as a sign. A positive sign.

Cross your fingers I get an interview because if I don't then I really don't know what I'm going to do. I'll be OK for a few months if I don't get a job immediately but I don't want to eat into my savings which are already diminished.


I've phoned Phil, he was supportive as always and told me it was going to be OK.

I hope it is.
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Greys Anatomy - Christina (blinks)


I've just about recovered from the major freak out I had on Tuesday night. I didn't think a new TV would cause me to hyperventilate, but apparently I was wrong.

Phil is moving in. Well, not right now, but he's moving in later this year and he and his brother will sell their house and move in with respective girlfriends, Phil into my flat and his brother will buy a place with his girlfriend. This is good and what I want to happen. I have, in fact, been suggesting Phil moves in with me for some time now.

To ease the moving in process we decided that over the next few months Phil would move some of his non-essential stuff over to my flat, so when the big moving in day came it wouldn't be so much work. Brilliant idea, bring it on. He also has always hated my old TV, which although antiquated (compared to the latest TVs) and second hand, I've always loved because it's mine and, hell, it was free :P

So Phil asked if he could buy a new, big, flat screen TV. He was paying for it and really wanted it so I thought why not? I even bought a new TV unit from Ikea for the thing to live on. It's been sat flat pack under my spare bed for two months until the time came to build it.

Phil and I have had three days off work this week to decorate his bathroom (bit of a palaver but that's another story) so he decided it would be the perfect time to order the TV. We build the cabinet at the weekend without a hitch and it looked pretty cute in my living room. Phil was happy because something he helped pick was in my living room and I was happy coz it looked cute :D It was sitting next to the old TV and old TV stand, just waiting for the new TV.

Tuesday evening the new TV arrived. It's big, it's new, and it's not mine. It's Phil's. And it's moving my TV out into the spare room (where it doesn't really fit) and just dominating my room with its giant newness. Couple the feelings of dread I feel at change in general with the stress of moving heavy objects and untangling hundreds of TV, DVD, games console and Sky box related cables and you've got a pretty stressed and freaked out Lexy.

But I've had a few days with the new TV now. Phil isn't here right now so I'm doing a little bonding time with our new TV. I have to admit, it looks kinda awesome :D

Ironically, there's a new DVD stand to the right of my PC which has come from Phil's house and is crammed full of his DVDs and CDs with a couple of mine in there to fill in the gaps. This piece of furniture seems to belong there and almost looks like it's always been there, possibly because I've put and candle and two cuddly toys on the top of it ;) Phil said it makes it look like it belongs because it's got bits of me on it.

So the first shock of Phil moving in and my flat changing is over. I'm sure there'll be more freak outs to come, culminating in the massive freak out of him actually MOVING IN permanently. I'm not sure he realises that this is weird for me as well as him. I know he's the one doing the physical move but he's coming into my space which I've got used to living in alone for the most part. Everything is where I want it and it's all mine.

I've got to get used to giving that up a little because I want to move into the next part of my life and the next part of my life is Phil.

ETA: I just read this quote on ariestess's journal and it fits this post so I'm re-posting. I hope she doesn't mind :D

Love ennobles us to maintain a steadfast commitment to the well-being of someone or some cause greater than our own petty ego. Yet there is no love without the courage to surrender to something more priceless than yourself. -- Cornel West
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People are like slinkies

Oh boy...

It's March. When did that happen? I hope you're all well.

I'm going to Wolverhampton tomorrow for work. Grr.
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