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Just got this message on facebook from my ex of over two years ago.

hi, i really don't know how to start this message, but it's a pathetic and late apology. I've not had a drink, but i really wanted to say i'm very sorry for what i did to you, i should have told you in person i was going back to helen. I did enjoy every minute with you, i was afraid to see you upset and i was a coward for that. I never lied about how i felt towards you and i will always regret my choice. I know you have moved on and so have i, but i still have guilt in me for hurting you. I really hope you are ok and also your family x

Two choices. One, ignore. Two, forward to his current girlfriend, the one he left to go out with me and then dumped me to go back to ;)

In other news, four days till Florida woohoo!!!!!! :D
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